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How it Works

Once you create your account, you get access to our database of more than 4,000 life-sentenced inmates who are looking to meet and marry that special someone.


You can email as many as you like, and even go in for visiting hours to get a face-to-face (through glass with a telephone) to make sure this is the right person for you.


With your mate selected and all parties in agreement, we draft up all the necessary paperwork in our California office and arrange for an ordained minister to meet you at your next visitation. He performs the nuptials, you're wed, and from there the rest is up to you.


Conjugal visits can sometimes be arranged as brief, out-of-prison furloughs. The first meetings for marital consummation are usually arranged within one (1) week of the marriage, and visits can last for up to four (4) days. How long the marriage lasts, however, is up to you.